Is Yellow Pages a Good Online Marketing Solution?

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Some decades back, Yellow Pages was the Mac Daddy of marketing. Then the internet came along, and things took a huge turn. Before businesses took to online marketing, Yellow Pages was their main resource, and it was efficient. The internet changed all that, bringing a whole new meaning to marketing. Yellow pages did try to keep up by creating a whole new business line focusing on online marketing. But truth be told, they weren’t cut out for it.

As a business owner it may seem like a good idea to turn to Yellow Pages for your online marketing needs, but hold that thought. How will it really affect your business? And more so, will you see the results? You need to spend your advertising dollars wisely. So, is Yellow pages the right option? Here are some questions you should ask yourself to help you decide.

1. Who Owns your Website?

The answer: not you. You don’t ‘own’ a Yellow Pages website. They rent it to you. You pay them a yearly rental, and should you decide to leave them, you’ll lose the site. This also transcends to the domain name. They own it, and rent it to you. In fact, it’s costs you more money in the long run, than if you’d just purchased and owned the domain name yourself. This is a vital issue, being that your domain name is your business name on the internet. If you decide to leave Yellow Pages, you won’t get you domain name till your contract is up. And even then, you’ll have to pay to have it transferred to you.

2. How much do you spend?

You pay for the initial template website build. You pay for the hosting (which you’ll also do elsewhere, but Yellow Pages charges you a yearly rental on top of it). And if you’ve noticed, the higher expenses are only for the Yellow Pages results. Say that you spend $2000 for online marketing in Yellow Pages. The only results you’ll be ranking highly are the

Yellow Pages search results. That’s a whopping $24000 a year, targeting only the niche that relies on yellow Pages search results. Meanwhile, there’s a whole untapped niche in other search engine results.

3. How high is the Website Design Quality?

When building your website, Yellow Pages turns to mass produced website templates rather than optimized structures that lay the foundation for a solid SEO campaign. This basically means that there isn’t a unique lure from your website. It is not original. Their main focus isn’t on the website design, but on the advertising. As a business owner, that should concern you. Your website is your shop on the internet. If you want people to come in, it has to be attractive and look appealing.

4. Is Yellow Pages WC3 Compliant?

WC3 compliance is used by search engines to check for correctly built websites. And Yellow Pages isn’t WC3 compliant. What does this mean for your business? Put simply, you won’t attract a lot of search engine attention. That means you won’t get as much internet traffic to your site. And that means you’ll have a low site visitors-client conversion rate.

5. How Good can you Make your Website Content?

You’ve heard people that content is king. That’s because it is. It’s the very heart of SEO. Poor content means lower rankings. It means fewer visitors. Poor content is a turn-off for potential clients. With Yellow Pages, you’ll have a difficult time managing and improving on your content. It doesn’t allow for much refreshing of the content, making it difficult for you to keep your website up-to-date.

6. Can you integrate it With Social Media Marketing?

Everyone’s on one form of social media or another. That’s a huge market that your business should reach. However, it’s impossible to utilize the social services effectively with Yellow Pages. They prevent you from streaming data from social media back to your website.

7. How do you relate with your Customers?

Customers are your business. Without being on the same page as them, there’s no revenue. Hence, it’s important to maintain a good customer support system. You need a system which enables you to listen to their concerns and allows you to market new products to them. Customer support can be an uphill task with Yellow Pages. Consequently, your business fails to reach its full potential in wide market base.

To make your online marketing efforts a success, your business needs systems that are in tune with today’s online marketing strategies. As you can see, Yellow Pages falls just short of that category.






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