5 Social Media Behaviors Brands Need to Stop Right Now

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Social Media behaviorIs your company including social media marketing as a part of your overall marketing plan? If so, well done, as SMM is indeed an important element of any 21st century digital marketing plan, no matter how big or small your company is or what niche it operates in. However, like any aspect of marketing social media marketing is only helpful if it is implemented in the right way.

Unfortunately, far too many businesses are making some crucial errors that derail their chances of getting any kind of good ROI on their social media marketing efforts. Here’s a little about some of the most common and how you can avoid making them.

Posting Too Many Promotional Messages

Social media is about engagement, not hard sell, but far too many brands still don’t get that. And according to research undertaken by Forrester 58% of social media users are annoyed by accounts that post too many promotional messages. On the other hand, the same research found that 85% of people need to see a product or service multiple times on social media before purchasing, so you can’t afford to under post either.

A great rule of thumb is to post one promotional message every fourth post, ensuring that the other three are fun, engaging and/or informative and add value to follower’s interaction with your brand.

Sharing Irrelevant Messages

To switch things up a little and keep things engaging and interesting, it can be good to post updates and messages that are slightly out of the box. But again, it’s a careful balancing act, as you also need to remember that your followers chose to follow your brand for a reason, and so if you give them something that is too far from what they expect it can be very confusing.

Using Awkward Slang and Jargon

OK, you want to stay relevant and engaging, and if you are trying to reach a certain demographic – a younger one perhaps – it can be tempting to start making use of jargon and slang that that audience uses a lot in their own posts. However, you can easily risk coming across as a brand experiencing a rather sad mid-life crisis if you suddenly start using words like ‘bae’ and ‘on fleek’ just to try and appear hip.


How often to post on social media is another aspect of SMM that has to be carefully balanced. While many brands have got the message that posting just once or twice a day on Facebook is the best idea – mainly because Facebook actually tells businesses that – on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram some brands still tend to get too carried away. And according to the Forrester research, over posting is reason enough for 38% of people to unfollow a brand. The best way to find the right balance? Test, test and test until you get it right.

Failing to Reply to Posts

The Forrester research found that 15% of people said that not replying to their posts via social media is reason enough to unfollow. If a person actually takes the time to leave a comment they want, and expect, that comment to be acknowledged. Replying to a comment takes just a minute and it can be a fantastic way to build the engagement you are hoping to from any social media marketing campaign in the first place.

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