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How can you know where you are going if you don't know where you are? Our monthly reports will help you reach your goals!

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Benefits of Reporting & Analytics

How do you know where you are going without knowing where you’ve been? Analyzing your website and online presence with regular reporting can provide a competitive edge to beat out the competition. It also provides insight into areas that have a potential for payoff. Also, knowing if there is anything online that is negatively affecting your business is crucial to keeping the phone ringing. We often share an analogy about negative factors with a digital presence…that there’s no benefit to making a boat faster without fixing all the holes – after all, it will end up sinking.

Here are a couple examples of our reporting & analytics:

Keyword tracking

It is important to use keyword-focused content. It is equally important to track how those pages with keyword-focused content rank with search engines. We use industry-leading keyword tracking tools that monitor how your web pages rank for certain keywords. Our historical reports can be very helpful in understanding marketing progress & investment.

Website Hits

Curious about how many people visit your website?

Reputation Management

There are many places on the internet a previous customer can go to write a review about their experience. We search all those sites for both the good & bad reviews. It is great to know about the good experiences of customers and more important to respond to any negative customer reviews.

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