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Why do you need to maintain and secure your website?

A strategically designed website takes a lot of time and may require a sizable financial investment. Setting up security safeguards and maintaining your website on a regular basis will protect your investment. Otherwise, you might find that your site becomes compromised, leaving you to restore part of it or all of the website from scratch.

We’ve had many businesses share their horror stories about their beautiful website being lost due to poor hosting vendor failures or simply being hacked and not having a backup. In some of these cases, businesses were able to recover part of their website. In other cases, they had to start over from scratch because they did not maintain regular backups.

What goes into website security, support & maintenance?

Regular website maintenance is something that is easily neglected by business owners. Usually, business owners don’t understand the importance until it is too late and or simply don’t have time to do the maintenance. They sometimes are left spending time and money resurrecting their website investment from doom and gloom.

This is why it is important to rely on experts that have processes in place to ensure your website is maintained regularly. We touch each of our client’s websites every single month to ensure they are kept up.

Regular maintenance tasks include:


We run nightly database backups and weekly full backups. All data is stored offsite from the website hosting servers in case of catastrophic failure. Backups will help restore data lost from accidents, website hacks or server failures (all real and common events).


Website framework and plugin updates are released frequently. These updates generally fix known bugs or security risks, that if not resolved, could lead to your website being hacked. Most website failures are a result of not keeping code up to date. from accidents, website hacks or server failures (all real and common events).

Virus & Malware Checks

We run regular checks to determine if any malware or viruses were maliciously uploaded on your site. These exploits can not only cause havoc on customer computers, but can, in worst case scenarios, cause your site to be delisted from search engines.


When an issue with your website arises, simply let us know. We will put our team on the problem ASAP and provide a fix or resolution. Subscribing to our maintenance packages is like having insurance. We will be here when you need us. Most business owners believe that inexpensive hosting plans are great, but quickly learn that when an issue arises, the hosting company will make sure the server is running, but won’t do anything to help them with their internal website issues…at least not without a large upfront fee.


When you have valuable content and data on your website it is important to lock it down. Firewalls and other security strategies help close loopholes often left open by inexperienced web designers. Hackers know of these vulnerabilities and use them to their advantage and at your expense. We employ website firewalls as another barrier in defense to protect your intellectual property.

Our proven website design process and online marketing techniques have helped countless clients win more customers!

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