What the Best Email Subject Lines Do to Make a Holiday Email Marketing Campaign a Success 

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email marketingThe holidays often mean that businesses ramp up their email marketing campaigns in an effort to help ensure they get their share of the extra holiday season spending that most people indulge in. And it can be very effective, but only if you go about it in the right way.

While design and content are very important to the success of a holiday marking email campaign, having an effective call to action is one of the biggest keys to a great performing marketing effort of all. As everyone’s emails are stuffed with promotions at this time of year taking the time to come up with standout email subject lines counts for more perhaps than at any other time of the year . 

Being told this, knowing this and actually actually coming up with this attention grabbing ‘headlines’ are very different things though. To help get you started here are some easy and actionable tips for creating those clickable calls to action you need.

Make Everything Clear and Concise

Few people actually sit down and read all of their email, they simply skim their inbox for the emails that they consider might actually be worth reading. It’s precisely for this reason that a subject line has to be good enough to catch the eye in seconds, in order for people to bother reading it all. The best subject lines answer the “what’s in for me?” question quickly without resorting to using spammy language or jargon.

Get the Language Right

A great subject line uses confident language that is effective without degrading the company’s brand image.

Impart a Sense of Urgency

You need to get across, quickly, just why your email recipient should take a few minutes out of the precious time and click on your message. If you do not create a compelling reason in your subject line that encourages this immediate reaction the recipient will leave the email in their inbox until “later” and later often never comes and the email goes straight into the trash instead.

Create Subject Lines that Multitask

The best email subject lines convey more than one message. They quickly tell the reader what they can expect when they open the email but they make it hard not to as well by making the waiting contents sound irresistible.

Important to Remember: You have a few seconds to capture attention. Subject lines with less than 50 characters have open rates 12.5% higher than those with 50 or more, and click-through rates are 75% higher. So be snappy. But be careful of exclamation points and all caps, as it tends to send your mail straight into spam folders where it will never be seen.

It is hard, even for very experienced email marketers and/or copywriters, to pinpoint that single sentence that will appeal to most readers. This is why testing is such a great idea. Choose, once you have them, your top two or three subject line ideas and then send the campaign out as a split test. This will allow you to see, in real time, just what works and what does not, giving you a great foundation of knowledge and insight into your email subscriber’s minds to build on now and in the future.

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