How to Get More Out of a Single Content Marketing Piece Than You Ever Believed Possible

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content marketingMany small business owners know that they should be doing more in the content marketing arena to promote their company and its offerings but they do not, as finding the time to truly create a solid content marketing strategy seems like it would just be too much of a time sink and/or drain on their limited marketing budget.

That does not have to be the case though, as long as you understand how to get the most out of your content and how to successfully re-purpose the material created across several different channels.

By re-purposing we do not mean reposting, as that would be less than effective. Instead we mean taking individual elements of a larger whole and making the best use of them possible.

As an example, let’s say that you – or a contractor – has spent more than a little time creating a great new blog post for your company’s website. In it, you offer prospective on an issue that only an expert in the field, like yourself, could and you even added some research to back up what was written.

While tweeting and sharing a link on Facebook when the post goes live would be the natural action taken by many, there is so much more that can be done with such a post which will allow you to promote its content for weeks without ever boring your social media audiences or repeating yourself. Here are just a few suggestions:

Pin a Picture

Any good blog post should contain at least one relevant, but striking, image to enhance the content. Take that image and turn it into a Pin, adding it to a relevant board within your Pinterest account. Make sure that it is linked directly to your blog and that you tease the blog’s content within in the pin description in order to encourage its viewers to click through the image to the content beyond it.

Create a Quote Graphic

Quote graphics are great click bait and also have, when they are well executed, a huge potential for engagement and sharing. Continue to make use of your blog post by taking a particularly enlightening quote from it and creating a quote graphic from it. This image can then be shared across a number of social media platforms over a period of several days, or even weeks.

Tweet Teasers

Some people avoid tweeting snippets of their actual content as they feel that by doing so they will ‘be giving too much away’, and that people will not bother to click through to read the rest of the content. That is usually an unwarranted fear though, and this is a tactic recommended by none other than serial entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki, a man who certainly, as a professional brand evangelist, knows an awful lot about audience engagement.

Kawasaki also recommends repeating the tweet in four, eight and twelve-hour intervals over the course of the day to ensure that you can ‘catch the eye’ of followers in all time zones.

Craft the Perfect Presentation

Take some of the salient points and highlights from your blog post and turn them into a compelling slideshow, complete with great imagery. Once it is complete, upload it to a presentation sharing site like SlideShare and pin each slide as an individual image.

All of this from a single blog post? You bet. Get into the habit of doing things this way and not only will you potentially get a much better ROI on your marketing efforts but you’ll actually make it all a little less hard work as well.

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