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Your website content is the digital voice of your brand that also helps your site rank well!

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What is content marketing?

Have you ever heard the phrase “content is king” when referring to digital marketing?

Well, there’s a lot of truth to that. Content is the core of digital marketing. Without the use of consistent targeted content marketing strategies, your business is at a huge disadvantage when it comes to appealing to customers online. Implementing great content marketing strategies when designing your website and implementing a content marketing campaign will set you apart from your competition, illustrate your expertise in a given industry, get your business found online and greatly help your website search rankings.

Compelling content marketing for your business website

Your website is the voice of your business brand on the internet. The content on your website is what channels your expertise and builds trust with customers. However, website content, when created with keyword focus, can also get your web pages found by search engines. If the content is compelling and interest’s readers, then the chances are good that your website will be ranked well within searches. If a great content strategy is combined with SEO strategies, then there’s an even better chance your pages will land on PAGE 1 of Google or Bing….maybe even #1. We have many clients with pages ranking #1 for highly searched keywords.

Ongoing & consistent content marketing

When it comes to content marketing on your website, it is important to have compelling & keyword-focused content on your web pages, including the Home Page, About Us page, and service/products pages. These are the core of your website and help you rank well locally. However, it is also very important to regularly contribute new content to your website to keep it “alive & breathing”. Customers that visit your site, along with search engine robots, can tell if a website is stale. A stale website is one that was created a long time ago, maybe even years ago, and not a single word or change has been made to the website since. Your competitive edge will plummet when a potential customer compares your website to a competitor that updates their blog and website monthly. A consistent content marketing strategy keeps your website alive & breathing and can also extend out to potential customers via social media. When you show customers you care about your website and you are active in your industry, it generates trust and helps with sales.

Our proven website design process and online marketing techniques have helped countless clients win more customers!

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